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DI Resin Indicating and Non-indicating

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Product overview

Kolar Labs DI Resins are specially formulated to reduce TDS levels to zero, leaving you with ultra-pure water. Our high-capacity, mixed bed, virgin nuclear-grade deionization resins have been manufactured with the highest degree of purity for use in RO systems by Lanxess to create ultra-pure water safe for all freshwater and saltwater aquariums, and ponds.

Every DI resin pack is vacuum sealed in mylar bags to optimize performance and preserve shelf life. Choose from our standard or color-changing indicating resin, depending on your TDS-monitoring needs, and enjoy cleaner, purer water.

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  • Reduces TDS to zero as final stage after RO membrane
  • Creates consistent, safe, ultra-pure water
  • High capacity and performance laboratory grade resin
  • For use in fresh and saltwater aquarium water supply systems, and RO filtration systems
  • A mixed bed 1:1 mixture of anion and cation gel type ion exchange resins
  • Available in standard (non-indicating) and color-changing (indicating) formulas
  • Indicating resin changes from purple to clear once exhausted
  • Guaranteed freshness and quality

Applications and Uses

Kolar Labs mixed bed DI Deionization Resin blend is the perfect solution for aquarium systems and other applications where ultra-pure water is required. The nuclear grade, mixed bed resin is prepared from component anion and cation resins which have been manufactured with the highest degree of purity and converted to the H+ / OH- form.

Use after your RO membrane to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) to zero in your RODI system. We offer standard (non-indicating) and color-changing (indicating) formulations. The indicating resin changes from purple to clear once exhausted for a visual indication of resin condition. The non-color indicating retains its beige color through exhaustion, and saves you money if you already monitor TDS which is the most accurate approach for consistent ultra-pure water production.

Use the ultrapure water from your RODI system after remineralization for your freshwater, brackish, saltwater, reef or marine aquarium or tank. RODI treatment processes are ideal to remove all minerals and contaminants present in your source water.

Kolar Labs is the exclusive distributor for Lanxess Lewatit® NM-65 DI Resin Indicator (color indicating) and Lanxess Lewatit® NM-60 DI Resin to the aquatics industry in North America. From the same trusted German manufacturer, Lanxess, that has made our GFO Bayoxide® E33 and E33HC GFO products.

Detailed Instructions

How to Purify Your Water

  1. 567g (1.25lb) fills one standard 2 ½ inch wide by 10-inch tall refillable cartridge (also available), packed tightly.
  2. For best efficiency, use TDS monitor or indicator resin to monitor rise in TDS post treatment. Change resin upon exhaustion.
  3. For the aquatics industry, best used after reverse osmosis (RO) for zero TDS water.
  4. If chloramines are present in source water, pre-filter with catalytic carbon or carbon block to extend the life of the RO membrane and DI resin.
  5. Remineralize your water with freshwater or saltwater salts prior to use in your aquarium or aquatic environment.